International Association of Electrical Inspectors

Central Arizona Chapter

2901 E. Greenway Rd.

P.O. Box 30118

Phoenix. Arizona 85046

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Central AZ IAEI at the Maricopa Home and Garden show

April 24, 25, 26, 2015 – Arizona State Fairgrounds

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Session 101 / 201

Commercial Plan Review

Two Day Class

Session 301

Extreme Building I

Session 401

Extreme Building II

Existing Building Code



Session 102

Fire Stopping

Session 202

Kitchen Hoods and Systems

Session 302

NFPA 101 & 80

Fire Doors

Session 402

Fire Alarm Inspections

National Electrical Code

Session 103

Health Care & the NEC

Session 203

NEC Services, Motors & Over-current

Session 303/403

Commercial Electrical Inspections

Two Day Class

Session 503 Standby Power Systems



Session 104

Comparing Insulation Materials, Building

Session 204     2012 IRC Bracing

Section 602.10

Session 304

Applying the Provisions of 2012 IRC Bracing

Section 602.10

Session 404

ADA for Existing Buildings

Session 504

2012 ADA


Session 105

Manual J/S/D

Session 205

Success with Energy Codes

Session 305

Thermal Camera/Blower Door/Duct Blast Techniques and Training

Session 405


IRC Plumbing

Electrical & Mechanical

Session 106 / 206

2012 IRC Electrical Inspections

Two day class

Session 306

2012 IRC Plumbing, Mechanical and fuel gas update

Session 406

PV and Solar Inspections

Session 506

Residential Plan Review

Code Enforcement League of Arizona

Session 107A

Dealing with Abnormal behavior

Session 107B

Officer Safety

Session 207

IPMC/IRC Certification Study

Session 307

Zoning Certification Study

Ins and Outs of Code Enforcement Investigations


Session 108

Fire Code Fundamentals

Session 208

Electric Fundamentals

Session 308

Front Counter Plan Review for Permit Techs

Session 408

International Mechanical Code Fundamentals

Session 508

International Plumbing Code Fundamentals